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Home > Articles > English > LED knowledge > LED strip lights are not bright 9 Causes and Solutions

LED knowledge

LED strip lights are not bright 9 Causes and Solutions
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-10-21

LED strip lights are not bright 9 Causes and Solutions




LED strip lights are not bright 9 Causes and Solutions


In our use of the process , a lot of people have encountered led strip lights with suspended animation phenomenon, the so-called suspended animation is not lit with LED strip lights . This phenomenon 5050LED strip lights most likely to occur . Here and tell you about lighting LED strip lights with knowledge of suspended animation caused nine kinds of causes, and three measures::


LED strip lights are not bright nine kinds of reasons


  1. LED strip lights with packing protection is imperfect, resulting in the transport process damaged by the impact lamp beads .

  2. LED strip lights with the welding points are Weld phenomenon , caused by vibrations during transport resulting solder off lights not bright .

  3. LED strip lights with less solder , solder joints easy to fall off

  4. LED strip  lights with poor quality solder , LED lights with bending joints prone to embrittlement process , shedding phenomenon

  5. LED strip lights with installation bending angle is too large, resulting in LED lights with lead solder and copper separation does not shine

  6. LED strip lights installed over extruded products , resulting in LED lights with chip damaged or deformed joints without shedding light

  7. LED strip lights with circuit board solder layer is too thick, welding, soldering and circuit board can not be completely fused together , but also a Weld phenomenon

  8. LED strip lights can not be twisted during installation , if the distorted words will cause the LED light strip joints caused by falling off 

  9. Static burn, because the LED is an electrostatic -sensitive components , there is no good static protection, it will cause the chip to burn .





  1. Good reflow and soldering iron temperature control , the implementation of individual responsibility and specialized records management ; iron by temperature soldering iron, soldering iron temperature to effectively prevent burn LED chips.

  2. Strengthen ESD , any contact with the LED employees , must be in accordance with regulations , wear an anti -static gloves, wrist strap , tools and instruments must be prepared to be grounded.

  3. LED storage environment to temperature and humidity, not used before the next use of the LED must be placed in an oven at about 80 ° Bake 6 to 8 hours dehumidification process to ensure that the use of the LED not have moisture absorption phenomena .


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