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LED table_desk lamps can really do to prevent myopia?
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-10-26

LED table/desk lamps can really do to prevent myopia?


LED table/desk lamps can really do to prevent myopia?


Lighting effects on vision mainly in these areas : Strobe , UV , color rendering index . CCTV10 science program to test a variety of LED table/desk lamps for the degree of visual impact , the results show : no flicker , no UV , color rendering index up to 90 or more, indicating the LED as eye care products seems to be perfect , is that true ?


Expert analysis


LED as the lamp is actually not suitable. Lighting Research Institute of Fudan University in recent years, stands on the domestic market were read with a lot of testing and found that a lot of blue LED, is not conducive to eyesight. In addition to Blu-ray problem, LED lamp products a few years ago are common problems that arise insufficient flux, low light ; addition, in terms of color , the LED lamp below to see things color distortion ; same time, can shine just very small portion , called the light -shaped distribution inappropriate ; and , LED table/desk lamps light emitting point comparison , look it still feel very dazzling, the eyes will feel very uncomfortable. Currently, the state for the LED table/desk lamps do not have a uniform standard, some of the very time of the LED lamp is actually no good for the eyes. Therefore, in addition to individual particularly good quality product, and cannot play a very good eye protection.


The factors that lead to myopia


For vision, not only by this single factor affecting the light , in fact, also by other factors . Now widely recognized that cause myopia reasons:

  1. Genetic factors, especially in patients with high myopia.
  2. Growth factors, the curvature of the lens of the eye with age was long and gradually become larger, if overgrown, axial gradually lengthened , the formation of myopia.
  3. Environmental factors, which is causing the main reason for many of today's myopic patients.
  4. Other factors such as changes in nutrients. Therefore, the prevention of myopia do not just go change the lighting, but more and more from other causes should start , will make our eyes better !

Myopia in young students gradually increased, which is more and more advanced technology in today's society is inseparable from the product . Juvenile myopia is mainly caused by today's long watching TV, the Internet, play video games do not pay attention to eye cause, of course, but also because of reading, writing posture, books put too close from the eyes , or poor lighting conditions and other causes . These will cause ciliary muscle sustained contraction, lens F degrees growth within the ciliary muscle tension, variable F of the lens can not be pregnant multiplexed to a normal state, thus resulting in a pseudo-myopia. If you still do not pay attention this time to take effective preventive measures, it will become true myopia.


Online shopping business practices


Because LED table/desk lamps are sleek and stylish products, so for LED table/desk lamps, most consumers still like to go online shopping, especially some young student groups. The problem is that some existing Taobao sellers banner guise Eye LED table/desk lamps are one-sided propaganda amplified to go over- inflate the price of their products, the same one LED desk lamp has sold $ 30 , also sold 300 yuan , it is very easy for consumers to feel confused in choosing aspect , the election does not pay to be afraid of your words , choose cheaper then fear not good goods . Most sellers on Taobao publicity for LED table/desk lamps or in the Eye -based, but there are a few sellers, LED table/desk lamps are able to directly name the prevention of myopia , eye protection cover to promote products , its price is higher than the same LED table/desk lamps times, this over- exaggerate the value in use , the result is sales pitiful. For the optional LED table/desk lamps , personal recommendations or to vote for do not choose expensive .




About LED table/desk lamps , LIGHTUP LED lamp production is no blue light, no flicker , no UV, color rendering index of 90 or more. Although no guarantee can prevent vision. However, to maintain good eye habits, coupled with LED table/desk lamps, the effect is certainly much better than the ordinary lamp .


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