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Toshiba LED wearable intelligent bracelet
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-1-12

 Toshiba LED wearable intelligent bracelet 




 Toshiba at CES 2014 , ,Toshiba LED wearable intelligent bracelet




Recently , Toshiba at CES 2014 , and exhibited a prototype LED intelligent bracelet .


In the CES 2014 , Toshiba is certainly the most compelling series of 4k products, such as the first notebook computer with 4K resolution Satellite P50t and professional-grade 4K screen Toshiba TUM 32PRO1, but in fact did not miss this year's CES Toshiba wear devices boom, unveiled a prototype LED intelligent bracelet .



However, because this is the only reference device bracelet with the exhibition , so Toshiba almost did not disclose any details about this bracelet , including the name, size and price , the Toshiba upcoming exhibition called "Smart Bracelet" ( smart bracelet ) , the network can not find any information about this bracelet , and even Toshiba 's CES 2014 press release mentioned none of this device .


From the outside , Toshiba LED intelligent bracelet this section with the general configuration , with an LED display screen , in theory, can be connected to smart phones , and calories from the text displayed on the screen of view, it may not only have smartphones calls, text messages and e-mail reminders, but also have a motion sensor , in theory, can be calculated by various physiological loading conditions , such as walking steps , distance and calories and so on.


Currently still do not know Toshiba will launch its own this bracelet , or to authorize other manufacturers IP .



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