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Home > Articles > English > LED knowledge > LED strip lights with Buying Guide-13 Factors

LED knowledge

LED strip lights with Buying Guide-13 Factors
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-7-8

LED strip lights with buying guide are as follows:

  1. See the LED strip chip:

    chip has domestic and Taiwan chip, as well as imported chips (including the United States chips, Japanese chip, Germany chips). Different chips, prices vary widely. Currently the most expensive American chips, followed by Japan and Germany, chip chip, affordable Taiwanese chip. What kind of chip you need? What kind of effect you want to achieve? Procurement before the first had an idea.

  2. See LED Encapsulation

    We have Resin encpsulated and Silicone encapsulated. Resin encapsulated price to be cheaper, because the heat slightly worse performance, others are the same. Silicone encapsulated heat dissipation, so the price is slightly more expensive than the resin package that.

  3. See LED color Consistency

    At present, there are many encapsulate factory, there are thousands of large and small, add up, of course, the strength of the strong and weak points. There are many small packaging plant because there is no color separation machine, so regardless of light or color separations, or is outward, so that it is difficult for quality assurance. Without spectrophotocolorimeter LED, the color consistency is poor, belt mounted LED lights lit the effect is not so good, of course, also the price difference is relatively large.

  4. LED welding effect

    LED lights with the assembly of two kinds of hand soldering and welding machines, manual welding is to use iron, using the most primitive way to weld, solder joints uniform amount, mostly a dot wrap welding foot while there will be varying degrees of icicles appear, this is a typical phenomenon manual welding. Such practices out of the product first, unsightly appearance (spot size is inconsistent, more flux residue, solder joints is not smooth, LED packaging was ruined, etc.),

    The second is static protection is not good, a lot of the LED chip is the breakdown, resulting micro-light when energized or not bright phenomenon. Welding machine is not the same, using SMT chip technology, solder paste and reflow processes and production. Therefore, LED lights bring the amount of solder joints is smooth and no more, solder pads of an arc from the FPC LED electrodes extends not only to the product after the appearance of the beautiful welding (spot the same size, smooth solder joints , no flux residues, LED packaging intact), and the chip will not be burned by static electricity phenomenon. At the same time, LED's position and orientation are more beautiful. This can be seen directly from the appearance.

  5. See FPC Material

    FPC sub-rolled copper and copper are two, Bonded relatively cheap, rolled copper more expensive. Bonded Copper pads come off easily when bent, and rolled copper will not. Specifically what kind of materials used FPC, depends on buyers own to make a decision based on the environment.

  6. Check FPC whether through environmental certification, UL certification? LED without patents. There are certified and patented, the price is more expensive, not cheap.

  7. See LED Strips Brightness

    Different brightness LED prices are different, the general brightness and brightness of the LED price difference is relatively poor. Therefore, the purchase must be clear when they need to know what kind of brightness, so as to accurately position their products.

  8. See LED strips colors:

    Different colors, the price is not the same. White, green color and the color separation more difficult, so the price is higher than the price of other colors high; red, yellow, blue and other colors spectrophotocolorimeter relatively easy, and the consistency is better, so the price is slightly cheaper. Special colors such as purple, brown and other colors reasons because its price is the most expensive.

  9. See LED Dimensions:

    Different size specifications of the LED, prices are different. If the LED 0603 and 1210 (ie 3528) LED, the price difference between the larger; while the 1210 and 5050 specifications of the LED prices will differ by one level.

  10. See LED lamp with surface cleanliness.

    If using SMT technology, the LED lights, the surface cleanliness is very good, do not see any impurities and stains. However, if using hand welding process produces LED lights with cottage version, no matter how clean the surface, there will be residual traces of stains and cleaning, while the surface of the FPC will have residual flux and dross.

  11. Look at the packaging.

    Regular LED lights will use anti-static packaging paper trays, usually 5 m or 10 m roll of a roll, and then outside and then using anti-static moisture-proof bag sealed. The cottage version of the LED lights because of cost savings, while the use of recycled paper trays, then no anti-static moisture-proof bags, paper trays look carefully can see appearance of a clear label traces and scratches.

  12.  Look at the label.

    Regular LED lights with bags and roll material above the disk will have a printed label, instead of printing labels. The cottage version of the label is printed, while specifications and parameters are not unified.

  13. See instruction.

    Regular LED lights inside of the box will be attached instructions and lights with specifications, while also equipped with LED lights with connectors or deck; while the cottage version of the LED lights inside the box there is no such attachment because Some manufacturers, after all, could save the province.


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