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LED lighting industry can not just simple pursuit of light efficiency
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-7-10
After more than ten years of development, China's LED lighting industry has made considerable progress. However, we should also note that there are many companies caught up in the blind pursuit of luminous efficiency of errors. Indeed, improving light efficiency so that the brightness becomes higher, but we need to know, lighting products rely solely on an indicator light efficiency is not enough, only to meet the full light, color, electricity, energy efficiency, safety and other requirements is the real meaning of the efficient lighting, so we should be more emphasis on the overall quality of LED lighting products. 
Now it seems that the price of the chip greatly reduced the cost of the original re-occupy the head light lamps cost only 10% of the total cost of ~ 30%, while other parts such as power and cooling each 35% to 45%. As a lighting products, lighting occupy such a low cost structure is clearly deserves our vigilance. 
Fundamental research, or because the price is too high before the chip, high power chip up to a few dollars an enterprise in order to save costs, as little as possible with the chip, increase the current approach taken to improve chip power, thereby increasing light efficiency. 
But the data show that in a large current density operation, the lamp power supply, low voltage, current, power costs are high, the AC-DC conversion efficiency is low and the chip operating voltage becomes high, the temperature becomes high, the efficiency becomes low reliability along variation, optical conversion efficiency of the phosphor becomes low. 
So, with this solution manufacturing LED lamps, power costs are high, the cost is also high radiating member. At the same time, which is caused by the current LED lighting products in use are often light fades too quickly causes.
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