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LED News

LED market Share
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-7-5

 LED market satus: 

  • 2005 global high-brightness LED market reached $ 5.8 billion, 

  • 2006 reached $ 6.6 billion 

  • 2011 to $ 10.6 billion 

  • 2014 the global LED lighting market will rise 18% 

The average annual growth rate (AAGR) of 10.2%. 
Taiwan LED lighting in 2006 the output value of NT $ 21 billion yuan photoelectric, 2010 will increase to 93 billion yuan, in 2015 can reach 540 billion yuan. In the upstream portion of the light source, Taiwan is the world's first production, excluding the 2006 high brightness LED production value of up to NT $ 15 billion mobile applications. 
Taiwan's LED lighting industry upstream important position in the world, because of the red, green LED technology in a leading position. Downstream applications lighting manufacturers in Taiwan good quality, prices and global pathway is dominant. Taiwan manufacturers in the LCD panel (LCD) backlight module global market share reached 48%, the Taiwan plant to cut into the development of LED backlight module is an advantage, and automotive LED products is also considered one of key projects. 
2007 LED gradually replace the existing incandescent, fluorescent lamps since 2011 to gradually replace. European Union since 2007 to phase out incandescent bulbs, Australia declared fully disabled from 2010 onwards incandescent bulbs, so the LED market prospect is very worth the wait. Applications should the next five years or display with LED backlight signage, automotive and general lighting for the main development of the market.

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