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Japanese LED Design Award 11: MOLA LED headlamp
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-11-29

Japanese LED Design Award 11: MOLA LED headlamp



Recently, Japan's Good Design Award 2014 Design Awards announced the final list of winners. Good Design Award is a comprehensive system design awards sponsored by the Japan Design Promotion Organization, founded in 1957, to date, there are nearly 40,000 outstanding design award-winning works. 2014 winning a total of 1,283, many of them excellent LED lighting works. LIGHTUP will not timed release masterpiece to share with everyone.


MOLA LED headlamp


MOLA LED headlamp, Deselen LED



This product was designed by the Japanese company Snow Peak, the luminous flux between 10-110 lumens, manual dimming, three color options. This lamp is its greatest feature innovative lens design, can take advantage of gravity and the counterweight so that emitted light beam according to the user's mobile smart move to ensure that light is always in the user's visual range.




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