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Ni LED light under the sun umbrella
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-6-11


 Ni LED light under the sun umbrella



  Ni LED light under the sun umbrella



Increasingly hot weather began, in addition to the home airconditioning, the people can not help but think of outdoor vacation, especially to the beach to enjoy the sun and sea, under umbrellas to enjoy a leisurely afternoon.



But sometimes encounter a situation: the warm end of the day after the event, wants to break back under umbrellas or chat, but it has gradually darkening sky, in addition to the lighting around the outside, can be said to be under the umbrella of a gloomy, Whether you want to pack or carry out activities, are very convenient ah!


 Ni LED light under the sun umbrella


When designer Terry Chow and team members in a Maldives trip back to the end of the seaside resort's dining, also strongly felt inconvenience this point, a thought in my mind it: there's not enough stuff ! And this deficiency must be changed by them.



Team members use a 12V LED strip combine umbrellas, creating a bright world under the umbrella, LED bulbs not only power, it will not emit annoying heat.



Each umbrella stand has a touch-sensitive lighting regulators OTC (one-touch dimmer) refers to lighting a regulator, so that users can easily control lighting switch simple and suitable for various brightness atmosphere.



Taking into consideration Ni LED parasols may then resort or hotel management and other areas of higher need to use, in addition to the umbrella pole regulator, also designed the remote control to directly set many umbrella.



For outdoor use, team members are also part of the cable and waterproof under a lot of effort, and Ni LED parasol design also won the A'''' Design Award Silver certainly lighting class


 Ni LED light under the sun umbrella

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