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Home > Articles > English > LED News > iPhone 6 will adopt flexible OLED screen?

LED News

iPhone 6 will adopt flexible OLED screen?
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-11-9

 iPhone 6 will adopt flexible OLED screen ?


iPhone 6 will adopt flexible OLED screen ?





          According to Bloomberg the latest reports, Apple had a predicted advantages of smart phones will be subject to challenge Samsung's AMOLED technology report has been proved wrong . According to Bloomberg reports that Apple did not want to bend screen smartphone R & D behind Samsung . The report quoted an unnamed sources as saying , noting that Apple plans to release next year, with two models of the iPhone screen can be bent .


Sources said that the two devices may be launched in the second half of next year , is being enhanced touch sensor , let the phone according to the user's pressing efforts to make a difference . Reported that Apple Both devices use 4.7 and 5.5 -inch screen , the screen will bend down the edges of the glass , the size close to Samsung in September launched 5.7 -inch Galaxy Note 3 more .


A Wall Street Journal blog comments , curved screen means that Apple will give up the LCD screen , steering OLED screen is OLED display technology to become the future mainstream of the main " Behind the scenes ." It seems Apple is joining LG and Samsung OLED technology such as the use of the camp .



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