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Home > Articles > English > LED News > A potato LED bulbs can offer a 40-day power for one room?

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A potato LED bulbs can offer a 40-day power for one room?
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-11-19

A potato LED bulbs can offer a 40-day power for one room?



By a simple method , the humble potato can be made into the battery , and that potatoes can really become a family in the future electricity sources?



 A potato LED bulbs can offer a 40-day power for one room



For potatoes, different people may have their own favorite cooking methods, but Haim Rabinowitch then think farther. In the past few years, Rabinovitz and his colleagues have been pushing "potato power " concept , trying to use this to make people abandon the use of grid energy . They claim that the use of simple, inexpensive pieces of metal , wire and LED bulbs , we can all over the world in remote towns and villages to provide illumination.


They found a way to make potato generation is simple, but very clever way . From the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Rabinovitz said: " a potato is enough room for the LED bulbs offer a 40-day power ." This argument seems exaggerated, but in fact has a sound scientific basis . However, Rabinovitz and his team have found that the real power is applied to the potato in real life is much more complex than at first glance .


In Rabinovitz and his team found that potatoes can produce extraordinary power when, still on a high school physics course by Professor battery operated mechanism . The organic material is a battery , you only need two pieces of metal , one as an anode , a low potential electrode , such as zinc ; another one as a cathode , a positively charged electrode , such as metallic copper . Potatoes with internal acid chemical reaction with zinc and , when the electron flow from one end to another end , the energy on the release .


In 1780, Luigi Galvani discovered the mechanism , he will connect to two metal frog legs , resulting in frog muscle twitching . This " animal electricity" can be replicated in animal body , you can put between the two metal electrode many other substances , to obtain the same effect. Luigi Galvani and contemporaries Alessandro Volta using a saline soaked paper . There are people who make a " mud battery ", using two metal plates and a bunch of soil , and perhaps have to add a bucket of water .


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