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LED News

Shiny shining LED fake nails
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-5-13


Shiny shining LED fake nails




 Shiny shining LED fake nails



Japanese toy maker Takara Tomy has recently introduced a built-in LED lights fake nails, after exposure to a nearby smartphone, fake nails in the NFC component will activate LED lights, so that the nails light up.



There is only one set of fake nails with LED lights, a few other just has the same appearance only. Fake nails do not need special built-in battery, capacitor, or other powered devices. NFC device requires only electricity can light LED.


This product may also come with an Android App, allows users to configure the fake nails when lit. This product sells for about $ 12, cheaper than doing a manicure, but also sparkling.



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