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The Future of smart LED lighting wireless optical communications
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-1-18

The Future of smart LED lighting wireless optical communications





The Future of smart LED lighting wireless optical communications



May 2013 , Tsinghua University has signed with Kingsun LED wireless optical communication project , a new term "LED wireless optical communication " thrown into the public eye . At that time , the mass of this term are relatively unfamiliar, or only know their names I do not know the case.


In October, Fudan University and spread the good news , LED visible light communication technology to achieve success in its Computer Science and Technology Laboratory . Researchers will access a network signal lamp 1W LED lamp beads, four computers to the Internet under the lights , the highest rate of up to 3.25G, the average Internet speeds of up to 150M, called the world 's fastest " light Internet ." For a time, " Fudan achieve lighting the Internet ," the news spread like wildfire . Subsequently, the news about the visible light communication technology as flood , LiFi thorough fire.


China, in November 2013 , Kingsun cooperation with Tsinghua University successfully developed a mobile version LiFi communication samples and iPhone is expected to eventually reach the size and extent of light to achieve the market.


While visible light communication we are familiar with the term , but it 's specific to application areas , but may not have known. Its four main application areas are:


1 ) lighting and communications, information can be broadcast in the indoor environment , and at the same time meet the needs of lighting ;


2 ) a visual signal and data transmission , signal to provide a signal to the people mainly through changes in color , while the data communication with lights that can be combined with traffic management to provide better security and reliability ;


3 ) Display data communication with , LED display is typically used to display information , if the appropriate information and data directly to the user handheld terminals , will provide great convenience , in railway stations, airports and other places has great application prospects ;


4 ) indoor positioning , visible light communication can be user's location information to be passed through lighting , more accurate than traditional satellite positioning .


The fast pace of technological innovation beyond people's imagination , when people still immersed in the "rub free WiFi" among a small chuckle , LiFi pace has quietly close . Technology innovation is to break the routine, so that " unnatural " has become a reality. LED lamps and combined network is undoubtedly the development trend of the 21st century digital age , in order to draw down further popularize and promote LED lighting network indelible mark . Regardless of how the current development LiFi, puzzle dash , one can always find a way to push it forward. Years or ten years later, someday , we always witness the LED lights everywhere online!



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