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LED knowledge

The Advantage LED Tube Light
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-10-26


The Advantage LED Tube Light


The Advantage LED Tube Light


Here we have the advantages of LED Tube Light classify explained.

Eco-friendly lighting

Traditional fluorescent lamps contain mercury vapor,  LED Tube Light do not use mercury, LED fluorescent green lighting of the 21st century. Less heat generation, traditional lamps will produce a lot of heat, but most of the electrical energy LED Tube lamps into light, will not cause waste of energy.

No noise

LED Tube lamps do not make noise, the use of sophisticated electronic equipment for the occasion choice.

Protect your eyes

Quick start, no flashing. For libraries, offices and the like occasions.

No mosquito trouble

LED Tube lamp does not produce a lot of ultraviolet light, infrared light and other radiation, mercury and other harmful substances, less heat. Not like traditional lamps, as there are a lot of mosquitoes around the light source. Environment will become more clean and sanitary.

Wide voltage range

Traditional fluorescent lamp is released by a high-voltage rectifier to light when a voltage is lowered, you can not light up. The LED Tube lamps in a certain range of voltage can be lit. Currently the high-pressure fluorescent lamp voltage range can reach 85 ~ 260V.

Long power life

LED fluorescent Tube Light power consumption is about 1/3 of the traditional fluorescent lamp, life expectancy is 10 times that of traditional fluorescent light, the brightness is consistent with the traditional fluorescent lamp, the normal life of 30,000 h or more, long-term use without having to replace, reduce labor costs. More suitable for difficult to replace the maintenance of the occasion.


Sturdy solid

LED Tube Light itself is used instead of the traditional glass epoxy, more robust, secure, even hit the floor LED lamps are not easily damaged, you can rest assured that use.


LED Tube Light shape, size and the traditional fluorescent lamp, can replace traditional lamps.



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