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LED knowledge

Top 5 Reasons of LED lighting industry sales market weak
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-12-20

 Top 5 Reasons of LED lighting industry sales market weak


The impact of escalating competition in the market and foreign products , making China 's LED lighting industry is vulnerable , and small brands in the big brands squeeze is no display and development of the market , is what makes our small and medium enterprise market LED lighting weak , why is it ?


In one manufacturer , it was considered low-tech lighting , one will see, do not have the power to develop into the line as long as counterfeit ; was also suggested that the high-end products have no market , develop into big, big risk ; still weak implementation of the concept of a standard , technical standards and specifications for the blind ; legal concepts even lower , shoddy , fake .


From the user 's point of view , some leaders believe that theater can cope with long light show on the line , do not want to spend more money to upgrade equipment or buy high-end fixtures ; Some theater managers reject the high maintenance requirements , the use of complex , high-performance lighting, light leakage or not do not care, not just be satisfied with the performance problems , less changing light bulbs on the line ; there are a few people used to the old lighting fixtures are reluctant to accept new things, new products.


1. The design is weak :


Some luminaire manufacturers to design a small number of people , not even the low levels of professional staff , often in the development of new products temporarily please people . Although it may go to a real lighting expert, but they do not know the stage , do not understand the function of the stage of the lamps may not be able to design the lighting for the stage are welcome . Another product development after the leave, unable to product improvements and upgrades.


2. Lamps developed by inadequate investment , lack of technical reserves


In recent years, some domestic manufacturers have begun discerning greater capital investment, to develop some new products , but for the vast territory of China, a country, or not enough . Driven by economic interests, short-sighted not uncommon, and are willing to invest large technical reserves is even more rare.


3. The low-end market impact 


Currently a lot of theater, theater economic constraints, particularly the large number of small theater troupe and county level is particularly prominent. So cheap, poor performance of the product is still a wide range of markets. The manufacturers have to compete for the low-end market , the price war in the offing . Cost of the product can save a point never Province Wuli , thinner materials , thin wire that shorter , less process , product quality and thus little by little to erase it. Highbrow and high-end products such as those very few, thankless , with vendors already own is not enough capacity in the low-end market is pretty comfortable.


4. The manufacturer of enterprise management level is not high


Most domestic lighting plant for small businesses , of which there are many private enterprises. Although a few passed the ISO9000 international certification , etc., but the production and family -style management is still a large number of manual workshop , the lack of construction of a modern enterprise system.


5. The impact of foreign advanced products


Advanced lighting into , to the people to bring new technologies, new ideas but also the impact of the domestic market. The current high-end products can be said to dominate the world ocean products , a lot of the past two years to build a large theater, as long as economic conditions permit , all imported lamps. Some domestic manufacturers unable to compete with foreign brands , only to abandon the development of high-end products , bring some negative impact on domestic developments in this fixture .


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