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Quality is the core of the development of LED lighting industry
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-11-11

 Quality is the core of the development of LED lighting industry


Dealers often joked , manufacturers no bottom line price competition, unsustainable when filing for bankruptcy , walks away cleanly, leaving a pile of dumbfounded dealer , quality issues can only be resolved .


This joke is not unreasonable for some time , mention of LED lighting products , the quality problem is most distressing. Product quality can not be guaranteed , consumer confidence has been hit , when consumers questioned more than just a home dealers , not just a home production enterprises, may be the LED lighting industry .


The negative consequences of vicious price competition not only manufacturers can not afford, more reluctant to become suckers dealers , customers and consumers are naturally reluctant to let go . Therefore, in the absence of a standard now, industry self-regulation is particularly important.


China spectrum of lighting said : "LED lighting industry is not strong, have accelerated the pace of self discipline , we believe that quality is the industrial expansion of sustainable development on the road to the most powerful logistical support ."


Quality and price has always been a contradiction , LED lighting, LED irrational price competition makes the advantages of the original to be buried .


"LED lighting market confusion , uneven product quality , price and value of some products are not on the other ." Guangzhou China spectrum of lighting , general manager of the case sigh.


Industry self-regulation can not participate in price competition does not mean there is no market , the quality of the era hero will come sooner or later .



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