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2013 U.S. national all-LED Christmas tree
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-12-13

U.S. national all-LED Christmas tree



U.S. national all-LED Christmas tree




         Christmas in December 1923 from the beginning , Washington had lit the National Christmas Tree customs. This Christmas , GE Lighting will use LED lighting technology emerging countries to decorate the Christmas tree . This is the 51st GE Lighting lit Christmas tree. Last year's Christmas tree , GE uses thousands of LED lights , including 450 LED lights and 120 co- star of LED decorations shine .



        This year's Christmas tree with a spherical LED-based jewelry and traditional LED string lights, as well as commercial-grade GE LED products combine perfectly illuminate the park is located in Washington, DC, President of the National Christmas Tree . This year's top design tree includes seven LED spherical, plum-shaped, star-shaped wreath.


        Manager of GE Lighting Institute and the National Christmas Tree lighting designer Mary Beth Gotti festival , said: "GE 's LED holiday light strings to reduce energy consumption than conventional incandescent lamps of 80% , we are very proud to be a part of this great tradition , and be able to new technologies into the design . "


           Consumption of 5700W lighting design , using LED provides 80% of the overall energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions equivalent to 5700 pounds heavier. A total of 265 tree ornaments and 225 LED string lights . On top of the stars using commercial grade largest GE LED system , generally used in professional signage , providing a bright, sparkling tree cap . 



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