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LED knowledge

How to buy office LED lighting
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-3-24


How to buy office LED lighting



How to buy office LED lighting




In the current market, LED lighting, outdoor lighting and public lighting applications, LED lamps widely, home lighting and commercial lighting is slowly infiltrate, and office lighting, but a little later.


With the recent changes in the form of a paperless office computers, people began to concern about the impact of office lighting on the eyes and the body produces, for office lighting requirements are increased, then the LED lighting applications in the office there?


According to the survey LED manufacturer, currently used mainly LED office ceiling lighting products, LED downlight, LED panel lights. Office at 400-500LX illumination on almost, if need better working environment, can be increased by 50% illumination.


Office lighting is very diverse, there is a large open-plan office, office cubicles, hallways and the channel area, reception room, the lights in these areas how to decorate it?


1. For large open office:


This office is generally used in the customer service center and technical office a kind of open office space, therefore, lighting, on all surfaces as much as possible to do a comprehensive and uniform illumination, so that all workstations can be fully efficient lighting in order to carry out Work.


Lighting to be conducive to physical comfort of employees and produce healthy, safe, alert and feeling. Main lighting LED panel lights can be used, or LED tube lamps.


2. Office cubicles, such as the manager's office:


Managers tend to reflect the manager's office taste and personality, quality furniture, artwork and other decorations for colleagues and business prospects depict a successful picture.


While in the office is more general conversation classes conducted tasks, and develop a variety of decisions for the company development. The lighting requirements, above the desk should meet at least 300LX illumination, lighting parlor area needs a little soft illumination in 200LX better.


3W or 5W LED can be used for LED downlights or spotlights. High-power LED strip lights can be installed on the ceiling with.


3. Office hallways:


Office of the walkway area and office area illumination to illumination reasonable transition, illumination control in about 200LX. Lighting LED downlights can be used, or use hidden LED strip lights with a combination of methods, avoid the use of smooth reflector.


4. Lounge and reception:


Lounge and reception is equivalent to the company's "business card", the first impression is very important, lighting can help to achieve the desired effect of these offices, light atmosphere to soothe mainly be used LED ceiling light.


Currently, due to the cost of LED lighting to replace the whole office there may be some difficulties, but the LED manufacturers believe that you can start small place to start, such as office signs, reception room Downlights, indoor lighting and other small first replaced, as long as With a good, high energy efficiency, payback time can still be shortened.


Currently, the new office building, is gradually adopt LED tubes, LED panel lights, LED downlights, the ratio has increased, looking forward to the LED lighting field entered the office.



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