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2014 Why we are optimistic about LED industry ?
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-1-4

 2014 Why we are optimistic about LED industry ?



The first week of the New Year 2014 , LED industry, there have been significant increases , LED industry January 2 rose 7% , 3 January rose 3 percent , becoming the best performing sector , investors have speculated whether there is any significant positive but in fact , as far as we know, there has been no significant period favorable , we may re-sort the logic sector investment.



LED boom upstream of several reasons


Advances in technology decisions growing LED industry , LED lights replace energy-saving lamp is the trend of industrial development, and in product prices continued support and adjustment policies , LED lamp as household already has an economic effect , industry penetration will occur in the future rapid promotion ; while rising global demand for LED will also make Chinese LED industry boom increasing.


The market did not react completely LED industry boom upward trend


Expected growth performance of 14-year intervals LED industry in 30% -50% , and the 2013 first quarter results low base , at a quarterly low base effect is expected to remain above 30% growth, while 14-year given the current market valuation of only 24 times , has not fully reacted industry boom upward trend.


LED industry is a growth stock that has "relative beauty" industry


The market is always looking for "relative beauty" industry , dairy products rose sharply in 2013 came from other consumer goods, especially in the liquor industry, the economy 's decline, so in 2014 the performance of growth stocks in the context of such differentiation , LED is 2014 with " relative to the United States , "the industry growth stocks , investors should focus on .


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