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LED knowledge

What are the "CCT", "cool white" and "warm white" ?
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-7-17

What are the "CCT",  "cool white" and "warm white" ?


The Color Correlated Temperature (CCT) is given in the description of each of our white led bulbs. The color (CCT) of our white bulbs ranges from a warm yellow white (2700K) to a cool blue white (7000K) to purple (12000K).


Color Temperature Range

By comparison, a typical incandescent bulb has a CCT of 2800K. A typical halogen is a bit higher, maybe 3500K.
  • Warm white (Daylight white) is 4000-4500K
  • Cool white is 6000-7000K
The human eye adapts to background light so that even a daylight white bulb will look slightly blue in a room illuminated mainly with incandescent bulbs. Similarly, an incandescent bulb will look very yellow or even orange in midday sunlight. 


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