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Why are there so cheap on the market LED bulbs?
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-8-15

 Why are there so cheap on the market LED bulbs?

Recently, some of the QQ website,  Taobao and there have been many false product prices. 3WLED bulb 6.5 yuan, 3W Downlight 4.7 yuan or less. Attract a lot of consumers are attracted inexpensive curiosity, a lot of people think that LED lights price already reached the price of ordinary energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamp High brightness off than many, many end consumers buy a lot of these involuntary cheap LED lights home decoration use, but they all regret after that.
These inexpensive LED lights, LED plant caused a lot of regular nationwide strike. Because the regular LED lights, ex lighting costs (excluding labor costs so) than those cheap LED lights retail price is still high, so when the market these LED lights is how cheap it made​​?
Reporters found that by understanding the so-called these cheap LED lights, LED lights with the actual comparison, has the following aspects:


  • Lamp beads using less wattage. Generally 0.75W, 0.5W lamp beads, outside vacuity 1W, actually not really a 1W LED lamp light, thereby reducing the cost of the chip.
  • Shell out the most frivolous pressure kit, aluminum costs a lot cheaper, but also reduces costs.
  • Power supply with RC Buck, not constant current source, the cost dropped by half. But security is not high. Costs down by a length.

Through these three aspects of change, this cheap LED lights produced, according to the survey found that these cheap LED lights, most of the 1 year warranty or six months, a lot less than a month the actual succession of burning the bad, and the replacement has been rejected. Actually made ​​out of a lot of e-waste. Not as good as with ordinary energy-saving lamps.
This is the current low cheap LED lighting manufacturing principles. "A sub-price goods, cheap stuff is not good." Ancestors handed down a sentence goes, so everyone at the time of purchase must shop around to learn more about the characteristics of the product characteristics, in order to buy reliable products!


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