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    Lightup Lighting Technology Co,Limited

    Address: NO.586 Bingjiang dong Road, Haizhu district, Guangzhou, China, Post: 510000

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  • Title:I could not find the answers that I need.
    Content:I could not find the answers that I need.
    Reply:We contact our sales office, any questions will be reply in 24hours in working day, 48hours in weekend. if something very important and urgent, welcome to call us, we will try our best to help you!
  • Title:What is the price of your LED products?
    Content:What is the price of your LED products?
    Reply:This is common question. usually the more order the cheaper. And our price range is very wide, from Economy to high quality. we could produce a lot of types of LED. So when you ask us this question, we may answer to you: what is your target price?
  • Title:Will you accept retail?
    Content:Will you accept retail?
    Reply:It depends, we are manufacturer, Wholesale is our daily business. But some products we could retail for your at a retail price. welcome to contact our sales office for more information.
  • Title:How you ship the goods?
    Content:How you ship the goods?
    Reply:For small order, we usually ship by DHL/UPS/FedEX/EMS, and we will choose the cheapest and fastest way for your customers. For DHL/UPS/FedEX, it will take 3-7days to your door normally, EMS will take longer, 7-30days. For big order, we could go by sea, We have good cooperation of the shipping partner companies to ensure safe and fast shipment. We also accept by plane.
  • Title:How can we pay?
    Content:How can we pay?
    Reply:We accept Paypal, western union and T/T bank, you could choose the most convinient way for you.
  • Title:Can I have your product catalogue?
    Content:Can I have your product catalogue?
    Reply:Sure, You are welcome to request a copy of our catalogue at anytime. Please feel free to contact our sales office by phone or email for assistance with you.
  • Title:What makes your products different?
    Content:What makes your products different?
    Reply:As the technology matures, product differentiation is getting smaller and smaller, So we focus on 3 points: SERVICE, QUALITY and PERFORMANCE. We sure we could make different and better than others!
  • Title:How about the warranty?
    Content:How about the warranty?
    Reply:Every product is covered by our full replacement warranty. Many of our products are also eligible for an extended warranty with our company's approved. Contact our sales office for more information.
  • Title:Can you design my own LEDs project?
    Content:Can you design my own LEDs project?
    Reply:Sure. as a Professional manufacturer, We can assist with any LED lighting project of any size(please provide the detail technology parameters, such as drawing or pictures). Please contact our sales office for more information on how we can help with your project(you could find the cases that we have made for our customers in our website).
  • Title:What does RGB Mean?
    Content:What does RGB Mean?
    Reply:RGB stands for RED/GREEN/BLUE and relates to colour mixing. RGB LED products can be controlled by any one of our range of RGB controllers to select any fixed colour or animated colour-function.
  • Title:What LED's can be used for?
    Content:What LED's can be used for?
    Reply:1) Auto decoration, 2) Family lighting, 3) Hotel/bar lighting, 4) Swimming poor/aquarium beautification, 5)Building/bridge/boat outline, 6) Jewelry counter lighting, 7) Advertisement lighting, 8) whatever you want!
  • Title:What is benifit of LED light?
    Content:What is benifit of LED light?
    Reply:1) save power, 2) long lifespan, 3) brighness, 4) will be replace most of traditional lights in future. 5) Widely used
  • Title:What is LED Lighting?
    Content:What is LED Lighting?
    Reply:LED lighting is a new lighting technology which uses much less energy and lasts much longer than traditional light sources. LED products have additional benefits such as lower heat output, zero IR radiation, ease of installation and many more.