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LED Spotlight/Floodlight

150W 3pc LED Floodlight high power view angle180 silver
  • 150W 3pc high power led floodlight

150W 3pc LED Floodlight high power view angle180 silver

  • -Power: 3 × 50W
    -Flux: 15000LM-11500LM
    -Size: L425×W325×H180mm
    -Angle: 180 °
    -Waterproof: IP65
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 150W 3pc LED Floodlight high power view angle180 silver



  1. Power: 3 × 50W
  2. LED: high-power LED
  3. Flux: 15000LM-11500LM
  4. Size: L425×W325×H180mm
  5. Input voltage: 220V
  6. View angle: 180 °
  7. Color temperature: 3000K (warm white), 6500K (Pure White) (K)
  8. Projection distance: 10-20Meters
  9. Operating Frequency: 50-60HZ
  10. Protection class: IP65
  11. Lifespan: ≥ 50000H
  12. Working Environment: -30 ℃ ~ +70 ℃
  13. Net Weight: 5.50KG


150W LED Floodlight Application:


Widely used in single building, historical buildings exterior lighting, building lighting, indoor local lighting, green landscape lighting, billboard lighting, medical culture and other specialized facilities lighting. Bars, discos and other entertainment atmosphere lighting.

150W LED Floodlight Feature:


  • LED flood light with high brightness imported chip, high brightness, low power consumption, low heat, long life to 50000H, can be divided into Monochrome and RGB.
  • the shell is made of advanced aluminum oxide coating and the overall molding process, tempered glass cover, to ensure a good heat dissipation, effectively reducing the LED light failure during use.
  • Using PMMA lens, optical loss, good illumination.
  • Piping and other new technology to ensure shell integrity, reliable seal, waterproof and dustproof reach IP65.
  • 12V, 24V, 85V-265V are optional.
  • The projection distance of 10-20 meters, especially for landscape building body building, outdoor plaza, wall displays brush color.
  • With good electromagnetic compatibility, no electromagnetic interference on the surrounding environment.
  • Low-voltage power supply, safe and reliable, low power consumption, long life, durable, easy installation and operation procedures.



LED floodlight Installation notice



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Company Name: LIGHTUP Internationnal Technology Co., ltd


Address: NO.586 Bingjiang dong Road, Haizhu district, Guangzhou, China, Post: 510000 (LED sale department)


Factory add:   NO.4. Gangnangongye Road, Guzhen, Zhongshan, Guangdong. China


Contact Person: Ms. Simmy/Mr.Kris


Phone/Fax:: 86-760-87562329 (Chinese), Cellphone and WhatsApp :  Mr. Kris,  86-13427715932 (English)






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