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    Lightup Lighting Technology Co,Limited

    Address: NO.586 Bingjiang dong Road, Haizhu district, Guangzhou, China, Post: 510000

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LED Module Light

5050SMD LED modules 4LED 12V-24V Square
  • Deselen 4pcs 5050 led module P8
  • Deselen LED module engineering case P8

5050SMD LED modules 4LED 12V-24V Square

  • -LED: SMD5050
    -Case Size: 35*35mm
    -Waterproof grade: IP55/IP66/IP68
    -colors optional
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 5050SMD LED modules 4LED 12V-24V Square


  1. Specification LED: SMD5050
  2. Light Color: White/Red/Yellow/Green/Blue/RGB
  3. Dimensions size: 35 * 35mm
  4. Working voltage: DC12V ± 5%
  5. Current: 18-20mA.
  6. Operating Temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
  7. LED Power: 0.08W/pcs
  8. Viewing Angle: 120 ° - 180 °.
  9. High temperature resistance
  10. Low temperature resistance
  11. Anti-oxidation
  12. Can be customized
  13. Waterproof: Protection class IP65/IP68 completely satisfied the outdoor lighting standard of protection
  14. Module Interface: gray (n) / white (negative) 4 × 0.5mm2 × 90mm RV Wire
  15. Lifespan: MTBF> 50000hours
  16. Drive: CV! (LED working to ensure that every one in the steady state)
  17. Warranty: Two years.


  • Contour lighting engineering (building exterior, advertising wall, signs advertising, Christmas night decoration);
  • Rules decoration (hotels, bars, nightclubs, KTV and other entertainment polygon walls, drop ceiling type groove design, etc.);
  • Home rimmed dark trough lighting (door, door frames, bar, bookcases, cabinets, wine cabinet, wardrobe, TV cabinets, etc.);
  • Automotive beauty decoration (body, vehicle requires a light source such prominent parts)
  • Advertising light boxes, identification signs acrylic luminous characters plastic luminous characters
  1. non-waterproof: Suitable for indoor use. Fast delivery time, stock
  2. Epoxy waterproof: general use outdoors. More than 1-3 days delivery time
  1. This product is constant DC12V, please pick DC12V low voltage DC power supply or purchase of output DC12V constant voltage power supply is used;
  2. When in use, the connection length do not exceed 5 meters, so as not to produce insufficient voltage caused by bad light bright enough;

Package delivery:
  1. The standard price in order to calculate the group as a unit, packing for each 20 groups, each box can hold up to 4000 groups; 
  2. Shipment date normally 3-10 days




LIGHTUP Deselen LED-Contact Infomation


Company Name: Lightup Lighting Technology Co,Limited


Address: NO.586 Bingjiang dong Road, Haizhu district, Guangzhou, China, Post: 510000 (LED sale department)


Factory add:   NO.4. Gangnangongye Road, Guzhen, Zhongshan, Guangdong. China


Contact Person: Ms. Simmy/Mr.Kris


Phone/Fax:: 86-760-87562329 (Chinese), Cellphone and WhatsApp :  Mr. Kris,  86-13427715932 (English)






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